Jun Hsien Lee, 3rd year Finance major (Admin/Blog Owner)

"An avid traveler, I've been to more than 10 countries in the past 20 years of my life. Planning to travel the world before I turn 26. Thinks passion is one overused word"

Travel Experience
: Singapore, Thailand, China, Australia, U.K., Romania, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Mexico, Panama
Craziest thing I've done : Hiked up a mountain with a muscle cramp all the way to the peak of 5,000

Lily Chen, 4th year Finance major

"Travelling to so many Asian countries, I'm amazed by how self-disciplined people in Singapore are and surprised by how Japanese integrate eastern into west cultures. I have a feeling that this trip to Panama's going to be another surprise to me!"

Travel Experience
: Japan and Singapore
Craziest thing I've done: Born and bred in China, I decided to go for study-abroad program while I am studying in the US. Is this just a glimpse of emerging market's potential development or a mix of incorporating my Fisher knowledge with globalization?

Erik Mattson, 4th year Int.Biz, Logistics & Operations Management major

"I'm an avid traveler/aspiring international businessman.  I would really like to live/work overseas again. (I worked in London).  I like to paint, play/watch soccer, and drink a nice cold refreshing beverage on a hot sunny day."

Travel Experience: London, extensively around Western Europe, Morocco, Mexico
Craziest thing I've done: Attempted to stay awake for 72 hours.  I started Hallucinating at 54 hours and needed to sleep!

Aaron Melchreit, 3rd year Finance major

"I really enjoy traveling whether it is throughout the US or abroad. I would really enjoy finding a job in finance on the East Coast of the US. In my free time I enjoy golfing, spending time with family/friends and being outdoors as much as possible."

Travel Experience:
 Aruba, Jamaica, Bermuda (just kidding), Bahamas, and Mexico.
 Craziest thing I've done: Ran a half marathon with my aunt last month. Every mile marker past the third mile was a new experience that day!

Ross Klosterman, Senior in Finance & Accounting

I am a Business student at The Ohio State University and an avid stock investor of 7 years.  Besides my interest in the markets, I enjoy traveling immensely.  My life goal is to be able to integrate myself with various cultures throughout the world and experience true global travel."

Travel Experience: Worked in Dublin, Ireland for Bank of America in Summer 2010 and took time to travel to Edinburgh, Scotland and London, England
Craziest thing I've done: I have done many things in life that could be considered "crazy." The most recent was rafting all 26 miles of the Gauley River in West Virginia in one marathon trip. We hit all five Class V rapids, numerous Class IV's, and many Class III's (over 70 all together). There is a reason the Gauley is known as one of the top ten rafting rivers in the world.  

Daniel Fuchik, 3rd year Risk Management major

"I enjoy running and playing hockey, as well as rooting for the Yankees, Buckeyes and Blue Jackets."

Travel Experience
: I have traveled to much of the United States, as well as Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras and the Bahamas.
Craziest thing I've done: Craziest thing I have ever done would probably be running a marathon--I did the Columbus Marathon on October 16th and loved it, but I was really sore for a couple days after.

Katie McCuen, 2rd year International Business major

“I'm a shopping addict (my favorite store is Urban Outfitters) and I love to travel.  I'm a member of Fisher Cares and really enjoy doing community service. My favorite service projects include Lifetown and tutoring inner city kids. “

Travel Experience
: Around the U.S. (Florida!), the Bahamas
Craziest thing I've done: Almost to go to school in NYC! (Yes, that’s the craziest)

Mallory Kimble, 2rd year General Business major

I enjoy drinking hot chocolate while watching movies in the winter time. I'm also looking forward to the company visits escaping the brutal Ohio winter for a week in Panam√°"!

Travel Experience
: Around the U.S. and Canada
Craziest thing I've done: Randomly speak with various accents

Andi Zitney, 2rd year Business major specializing in Information Systems

I love traveling and seeing new places. I'm involved in Fisher Cares and I'm in KKG here at Ohio State. I love watching movies with my friends and spending time with my family!"

Travel Experience
: Outside U.S. (Bahamas, Mexico, and Aruba) Around the U.S. (California, Florida, Arizona, and Nevada)
Craziest thing I've done: 
Bungy Jumped off the Stratosphere in Las Vegas