Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Of gators, wizards and Disney characters

Hey lovely readers,

Sorry for the hiatus in updating, am currently out in the sun in Florida chasing gators, princesses, Mickey and watching sunset at daytona beach - without any form of Internet besides my faithful 3G equipped iPhone.

Have you heard of trip blues? Well I'm sure feeling it. Missing the shine (inside joke)of our bus driver, Ariba; the familiarity of the wonderful company of professor Dickstein, Jane and Juan Carlos, our knowledgeable tour guide; and of course the ardent energy that radiates from everyone who made the trip memorable in so many unique ways.

I'll promise to update once I get connection, which unfortunately wouldn't be till Christmas. To be in the loop, simply stay subscribed to us (insert your e-mail to the box in the right)!

Lots more interesting post on our visit to the native tribe and waterfall, visit to Banco General and a local detergent and margarine factory, so stay tuned!

Before I sign off, here's a quote that I got off from Disneyland while watching the spectacular fireworks illuminating the night skies with its myriad colors.

'Christmas is the time to come together, to be merry, forgive and live again. Home is where the heart belongs - so go home, or remind loved ones how much you treasure them'

Be grateful, be thankful, forgive and forget.

Regardless of whether you celebrate christmas or not, here's to wishing you a merry Christmas.

P.s : Santa, all i want for Christmas is an ATV, thank you!

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